Oxygen pool-cleaning, 20-meter Spa Tub with the access to open air, energy capsules.

That is where the hustle and bustle of the city gives way to bliss and peace of mind.

TSARSKY City Resort – a luxurious sauna complex where the most popular types of the world bath cultures can be found.

1 000 square meters of beauty and pleasure!

In the best lifestyle resort TSARSKY you will find the biggest Beauty & Spa in Kiev. 19 studios allow us to apply the boudoir system of service with a high degree of privacy. You can use all the SPA facilities even without TSARSKY club card!

The original design of Artis exercise machines by TechnoGym, special for TSARSKY.

26-ft climbing wall, eight studios and the only Oxygen room in Europe.

The first and the only one in Ukraine: a shooting range based on dynamic shooting principles.

We offer our guests an opportunity to receive a high-level marksmanship training.

Time spent in the summer terrace will remind you of a sunny day on the ocean coast.

Comfortable lounge chairs, refreshing cocktails and an outdoor pool will serve as a universal recipe for a good mood.

You will enjoy an impeccable service and a friendly atmosphere.



Sales office

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+38 (095) 277 22 11

Shooting range "BULLET"

+38 (044) 233 61 15

TS Bar

+38 (095) 277 12 22

Kyiv, Staronavodnitskaya str, 13b