The original design of Artis exercise machines by TechnoGym, special for TSARSKY.
26-ft climbing wall, eight studios and the only Oxygen room in Europe.

The Dancing Studio is equipped with 3 poles and a ballet bar.

The authentic interior of the studio maximizes the dive into world of Indian yoga philosophy.

Unique spinning bikes RealRyder with the possibility of changing the angle to 30 degrees. This is the only cycle-machine that recreates the conditions of a real cycling race.

Workouts in the conditions of high altitudes (3000-5000 meters above sea level)
are great to prepare your body for active rest in the mountains,
increasing the total endurance level of the body.

Maximum comfort and increased safety in the studio for practicing main kinds of Martial Arts: MMA, Judo, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing.

Three automatic and five manual trails allow to go through twenty-six feet climbing wall with any level of physical training. Good for anyone: from amateurs to professionals.

Boxing Area includes a professional ring for sparring, boxing equipment for individual and group sessions, an area with a large selection of boxing equipment and mannequins to practice punches and a modern video simulator with a virtual coach.



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