Fly Yoga is a synthesis of classical yoga and aerial acrobatics. Asanas are performed above the ground, with the help of a special hammock. Practicing fly-yoga improves your balance and coordination, relieves and stretches your spine, strengthens all body muscles, improves your stretching skills and gives you a deep relaxation. Suitable for people with different levels of training and flexibility, as hammocks serve at the same time as a support and an effective tool for extending the possibilities of the body.

The studio has both large and small professional equipment. Despite the fact that the load on the spine is minimal during classes, all muscle groups are being trained.
Reformer unit should be especially noted. This machine invented in the early twentieth century by Joseph Pilates, is a bed with an unstable platform. Despite the fact that the load on the spine is minimal during classes, all muscles, including small ones, are being trained. Reformer is probably the most versatile and multi-functional machine which allows to perform more than a hundred of different exercises. Lots of exercises are just impossible to perform using any other machines so that they could have the same level of efficiency. Perhaps, Cadillac is the most effective machine, ideal for the training of both the upper and the lower parts of the body.
While you are working on a movable platform, required progressive resistance is automatically generated by the special springs with variable load. Tie rods, blocks, beams, trapezes, belts with pillows, springs with hinges and handles give you the opportunity to both push and pull with your hands or feet in prone position, seated, in the upright position or on your knees. If the exercises are performed incorrectly, the smoothness and the accuracy of the movements are lost: that’s why you need to constantly monitor the exercises performance in every phase and to stay focused.