You can thoroughly warm up your body, sweat, relax the muscles after physical exercise, get a massage or an exfoliation procedure on a large stone table, located in the hammam.

The sauna has beneficial effects for the body, improves circulation, stimulates the activity of all organs and systems in the human body, removes toxins, calms the nervous system and gives vitality.

Procedure sauna is designed for steam bath procedure with the use of twigs and various peelings.

Roman thermae is a combination of saturated steam (close to 100%) and the air temperature of 35-50 ° C, together with herbal essential oils for aromatherapy – all of that brings the maximum body relaxation.

Artificial sun recreates a real beach climate where you can sunbathe or just warm up the body after all water procedures.

The salt cave is made of famous Himalayan salt.
Special dispensing device for spraying saline creates dry salt mist.

The unique combination of water, light and sounds which causes a whole range of unforgettable feelings.

Snow is made of the combination of pure water and air without any chemicals.

Having scooped up a handful of the finely-divided flake-like ice, you can rub your body parts, cool your face and head before or after a visit to the sauna. Ice fountain is placed closely to the thermal zone.