We represent you a new format of reсreation from the major resort in the heart of the capital — TSARSKY City Resort.
Eat breakfast, have dinner and supper, order author's cocktails.

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The main feature of the TSARSKY Bar & Restaurant central hall — is fantastic lighting.
The onyx bar stand "glows with fire," and futuristic led screens on the ceiling explode with animation.
There is a night atmosphere in this zone: muffled light, compact tables and soft sofas.


Afternoon zone — an open terrace in eastern style in soft colors.
There is a lot of light and quietly here. Due to large panoramic windows and many natural materials in design: wood floor, tables and natural fabrics.


Take a gastronomic trip around the world, without leaving the center of the capital.
The basis of the TSARSKY Bar & Restaurant: French, Italian and Pan-Asian kitchen.
Every day we are ready to surprise you with the signature recipes of our chef and prepare your favorite dishes.
If you want, we will organize delivery.


Everyone, who had the problem of weight control, knows, that only 30% of success depends on physical activity, and 70% — on proper nutrition.
Choose the fitness menu TSARSKY Bar & Restaurant, which was created by the chef along with the doctor-dietician TSARSKY.
Our guests can be certain of the usefulness of cooked meals.